Dragos **** (d****@y****.com)

Hello , i would like to get a new profile picture for facebook but im not that good at editing so can you please edit a photo for me so i look better in the picture and the picture to be overall better , i would be so glad if you could do that for me , thanks a lot

Photo****Photoshop Troll (undercover)

Hi there,

Overall I think the photo has a good look to it, you look like a smooth criminal of sorts.
You look a bit familiar actually, are you from Indiana?

But that quality... You know it's bad - it's really really bad.
Do you have a bigger version of that photo? Maybe ask the person who took it. If not, I'll do my best!

I wouldn't want to change your face too much - maybe just smooth it out a bit.
You would still want it to look like the man in the mirror, you know?

Would you want the background to be solid? Maybe black or white?

Sorry for all the questions...
I get marked in my class for my performance, and I just want to make sure I can get an A on this, not a B or C... You know?


Dragos **** (d****@y****.com)

Thanks a lot for taking my request, sadly i dont have a bigger version of this photo ,i want like that contour on my head to dissapear because it looks rly weird and like change the background a little , but thanks a lot for the efforts

Photo****Photoshop Troll (undercover)

Hey there!

I wasn't sure if you meant your nose or chin's contour, so I made a couple minor adjustments to them for symmetry.

I made you look even more dangerous than before; a real heartbreaker.
I hope you're thrilled with the result!

Take care,