ChamPeter (Hoops Nation Forum)

I need a Michael Jordan Poster for my new "Film" called: Michael Jordan - What Words Can't Describe. Can anyone make this for me? There has to be a MJ pic, the title and my name ChamPeter.
You will be credited. P, I could make it by myself since i'm a newbie to photoshop I want someone more pro to make it :D

Photoshop Troll (Hoops Nation Forum)

Hi ChamPeter,

Here's my attempt... I put a lot of thought into the making of this poster:
Everybody remembers Michael jordan as a great basketball player, but for some reason they often forget about his other talents like baseball, modeling, and acting. In my opinion the peak of Michael jordan's career was when he played the lead role of Michael Jordan in Space jame. (That's where the space theme comes from)

The reason I chose to put a child in there is because of a very memorable childhood experience of mine.
When I was younger, I didn't have many friends so I bullied the other kids in school. My parents decided to sign me up for a camp one summer hoping it would help me make some friends and generally make me happier.
They chose the Michael Jordan Basketball Camp (MJ Flight School) in Santa Barbara, California.
At first it didn't help one bit, I just continued to bully the kids at the camp. That was until I was about to get kicked out, and Michael personally spoke to me:

He told me the secret to all of his success was to be a nice person, and to never give up no matter what gets in your way - which is why the child has a significant obstacle directly in front of him, but is still trying his best.

I really hope you like it. This could be my chance to finally pay Michael back for changing the direction of my life for the better.


Photoshop Troll UPDATE

So, apparently this guy never realized how ridiculous the story and poster were... He ended up credited me on his website. He EVEN quoted the "Amazing Story Behind This Picture" and added me to the credits of his video on YouTube, hahaha.